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Hardened round head cross self tapping screw, stainless steel self tapping screw, pan head cross self tapping screw, round tapping screw

Countersunk head cross tapping screw gb846

Round head cross self tapping screw with gasket-din968

304 stainless steel, 8.8 hard cup head internal hexagon tapping screw, stainless steel screw, cylinder head hexagon tapping screw, audio screw The self tapping locking screw of hexagon socket head

Because the head of cross groove big flat head self tapping screw is big flat head, the stress area is increased, and the head is not easy to be damaged. And the big flat head screw also has the chara

The self tapping locking screw is composed of three parts: head, rod and end. Each tapping screw has four main elements: head shape, pulling and screwing mode, thread type and end type. Head shape

Cross groove countersunk head self tapping and self drilling screw is also a kind of screw fastener commonly used in the national standard, which belongs to a kind of self drilling point tail. This

The cross groove big flat head tapping screw increases the force area because the head is the big flat head, so the head is not easy to damage. And the screws with large flat head are also easy to ins

Cross slotted countersunk head self tapping screw is a kind of screw. The head is flat, countersunk or semi countersunk

Pan head hexagon screw, also referred to as hexagon bolt, cup head screw, hexagon screw, its name is not the same, but the meaning is the same. There are 4.8, 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 in common use. Also kn

Serrated washer is used for spring on small parts, and its size is similar to that of the fastening screw and self tapping screw used with the three-dimensional sheet metal stamping parts. Serrated

Self tapping screw sleeve, also known as self tapping screw sleeve, is a new type of fastener to strengthen the thread strength. There are tooth lines inside and outside the self tapping screw sleeve,